Creating a child domain in active directory – RPC server is unavailable

I was investigating some aspects of Microsoft Active Directory. In order to do this I created a new forest and then I needed to create a child domain of the forest on a different server. When ever I tried to create the child domain I received the following error:

The wizard cannot gain access to the list of domains in the Forest.
This condition may be caused by a DNS lookup problem.

The error is:
The RPC server is unavailable.

I googled this error and got no satisfaction. I tried just about everything to no effect. As a matter of course I usually turn off “client for Microsoft¬† networks, File and printer sharing and netbios on the network adapter. I dont need these¬† services and since these are VM’s I try to turn off as much as possible for performance and security reasons.

As soon asI enabled "Client for microsoft Networks" I was able to create
a child domain.
network addapter->client for microsoft networks -> enable

There may be other causes for this. Certainly you need your DNS in order. But this was my solution to the problem.

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