Setting up minicpan

There are a lot of directions for this on the web. They missed a few things. Here are my directions


You will need about 2G of space. These instructions assume a fedora  operating system.

install CPAN::Mini
# yum search cpan
# yum install perl-CPAN-Mini.noarch

Go to

and down load the minicpan shell script to the /minicpanmirrir directory. I used this version: CPAN-Mini-1.111011.tar.gz
Create a directory for the mirror

mkdir /minicpanmirror
cp CPAN-Mini-1.111011.tar.gz    /minicpanmirror
gzip -dc tar zxvf CPAN-Mini-1.111011.tar.gz

Create an rc file under roots home directory. The .minicpanrc file will be read by minicpan_webserver if you choose to install that.  If you ar working off line it can be useful.

cd /root
vi .minicpanrc

put the following into .minicpanrc

local:  /minicpanmirror
exact_mirror: 1
Run the minicpan script and use this to keep your mirror updated.
cd /minicpanmirror/CPAN-Mini-1.111011/bin
./minicpan -C /rootpath/.minicpanrc
Run cpan and configure the urllist
o conf urllist push file:///minicpanmirror/
Optional. execute cpan and install the minicpan webserver
cpan> i CPAN::Mini:Webserver
CPAN::Mini:WebServer takes a long time to install as it uses many modules.
I kept getting a LWP error message. 400 error must be an absolute path.
I finally removed the .cpan configuration and started fresh. whatever was wrong was fixed when I reconfigured with all local settings.

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